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If you have new removable partial dentures, you will want to take good care of them for maximum comfort and longevity and to protect your investment. Maintaining your partial dentures properly will help them serve you well for 5-10 years. At Tab Boyle DDS, we would like to support you in your denture care.

Our dentist can recommend a good denture cleaner for you. The American Dental Association offers recommendations by placing their seal of acceptance on product packaging which has been rigorously tested and proven to be both effective and safe. Another cleaning agent people have successfully used includes hand soap or dish soap.

Cleaning your dentures is important to keep them from having permanent stains on the plastic material. This means brushing every day to remove plaque and food particles. There are brushes made specifically for cleaning your partial dentures, which have bristles made for the shape of your denture. Others have also used a soft-bristled toothbrush successfully.

When you go to clean your dentures, you will want to begin by rinsing off any loose food particles. Next, wet your brush and add some denture cleaner or paste to the brush. Then, gently brush all the surface areas, being careful not to damage the plastic or bend the attachments. Rinse thoroughly.

Taking your dentures out at night allows your gum tissue time to breathe and can help prevent irritating the tissue and causing discomfort or infection. When taking your denture out for the night, you need to make sure they stay moist so they will retain their shape. Soaking them in warm water or a soaking solution for dentures is key. Rinse them completely before placing them back into your mouth.

If you have questions about maintaining your denture in Lancaster, California, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 661-940-6350. Our dentist, Dr. Tab Boyle and dental team are here to help you with your oral care!