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Bone grafting is a common preliminary oral surgery for patients who plan to undergo a restorative dental treatment such as receiving dental implants. Prior to providing a dental implant, our dentist must perform an examination of the jawbone to determine if it has sufficient density to anchor the dental implant. Weak or thin bone structure can receive a bone graft in a single procedure to enhance density before placing a dental implant.

If our dentist determines the bone is too weak or thin, he can graft material to the natural bone tissue to enhance its density and ensure the dental implant will have the support. Without a strong jawbone, we cannot guarantee stability for the dental implant. The process of bone grafting provides additional width and height to the jawbone, with the grafting material selected from a source such as another area of the body, a bone bank that offered processed bone or a synthetic material.

After the grafting procedure is complete, the new material and the original tissue begin to fuse and improve the overall structure, which takes a few months. Once the jawbone is ready, we can surgically place the titanium abutment that serves as the foundation of the dental implant.

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