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Are you familiar with all the different types of oral health risks associated with a teenager’s smile? Due to the prevalence of peer pressure and social stigmas attached to being popular, several teens often find themselves at risk of damaging their smiles due to choices they make. However, by staying true to yourself and sticking to an effective damage prevention treatment plan, you can make sure that your teen years do not end in an oral health disaster.

When you are a teen, the last of your adult teeth, the wisdom teeth, begin to grow in. Your wisdom teeth can post several oral health risks because your mouth may be getting full at this point and they will not be able to adequately grow in as intended. They could put additional pressure on your surrounding teeth and cause them to move and slide out of place. Furthermore, wisdom teeth can end up causing malocclusions, tooth decay, infections and can even lead to crossbites.

Another common risk associated with teenage peer pressure risks is unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco or using drugs. These unhealthy habits can cause severe oral health problems not only to your teeth and gums but your physical health as well. To prevent the rise of cancer, avoid unhealthy products such as tobacco and drugs. Furthermore, be aware of issues and risks associated with wearing mouth jewelry, including infections, chipped and cracked teeth, oral inflammation, and permanent nerve damage.

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