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I love that when you’re getting service done that they engage you in conversation. Continuously asking how your day was. They want to get to know you. You’re not just a seat filled, you’re a patient that they actually take the time to care about. They enjoy having you here as company, too, not just as a patient.

I found myself more relaxed when I feel like it’s a friend doing the work, per se. Not feeling like you’re at the doctor and you’re being told that you’re doing this wrong, this wrong, this wrong and everything like that. They show you and care for you in a manner that’s going to teach you and help you be more aware of the importance of your teeth and how to keep them clean and what not. It’s more of a relaxed environment. They make you feel almost like family here. They take care of you, like I said, and they make you feel wanted.Benny H.

When I retired out of the military, I was, I don’t know, military dentist I didn’t like. They just went in and did their job. They didn’t care about the patient. When I started coming here, Dr. Boyle took an interest in me because of the fact that I had crappy dentals. He was responsive for my needs. He was very personable. He acted on what my desires were. He helped me through it.

I started out where I was taking Valium and gas because I would just white-knuckle the chair. Over the years, I just got to where I trusted him. I like coming here. The office personnel are good. The ladies that clean the teeth are good. They’re just a great team. I don’t use any sedation anymore. I trust him with what he does now. He’ll work with you. He puts you at ease. The dental assistants are good. I just think the whole practice is great. Frank N.

I had a root canal and I guess you could say a root canal that went bad. I checked with the doctor that did the root canal to find out what was going on. After he checked it, he said the only logical solution was to have a dental implant done, which Dr. Boyle suggested. Being my age, I remember the old days of dentistry, so the modern days of dentistry are much better than the old days of dentistry. You don’t even feel the shot that puts the painkiller in your gums. It’s much easier than it used to be, much, much easier. Dr. Boyle is very talented in what he does, seems to be well-educated, his bedside manner is very good. It’s very pleasant to come here and talk to him about your dental procedures and what he’s going to do and what it can do to help you and what you can expect when the procedure is completed. Larry J.

Well, I came in on a recommendation from someone because I knew eventually I had to get a lot of work done. I tried them out, and I found them to be very friendly and listened to what my concerns were, and doctor was really good about reassuring me. The bottom teeth were getting really worn, and I knew eventually I had to have something done. I told Dr. Boyle to let me know when it was time. I came in one day and I said, “I’m getting concerned about the bottom teeth.” He looked at them and he said, “It’s time to do those.” At that point I decided to go ahead and do all of them so that they could readjust my bites. One of the team members here mocked up what the teeth would look like, so I got to wear temporaries to see how it would be and … Because some of my teeth had to be made longer, especially on the bottom, just to have some better shape to them.

After that we went ahead and did the permanent ones, and in one day they put them all in, so I went home with a whole new set of teeth that day. I never experienced pain, just the discomfort of having your mouth open for a long time. I’m really glad I did it. As a matter of fact, I probably put it off for too long, but I kept hoping I didn’t have to do it. But once I had it done, I realized that not only functionally was it better, but cosmetically it looked a whole lot better. I think I smile bigger now, I don’t try to hide my bottom teeth so much, so I smile in pictures more than I used to. Lynn H.

You know, the first time I was here, I was so glad to be here. They made me feel so comfortable, so at ease. Every time I come here, it’s like family. Sometimes I’d be embarrassed to smile, to talk. When I came here, the doctor, he talked about my teeth, the work that needed to be done. I had a bridge done and now I like it. It’s different. My smile’s different. Every time I look in the mirror, completely different. I can smile, I can talk. I’m not embarrassed to, “Hi. How are you?” Before, it’s like, “Yes.” You know. Something like that. Every time I come here for a cleaning, I feel good. I look forward to coming and stop by and seeing the doctor or the staff. Rigo R.

Dr. Boyle is just a great guy. He always walks into the room and makes you feel so comfortable, like I’m the only patient he’s got. He sits down, doesn’t just stand, he sits down, which makes you feel comfortable that he’s giving you his undivided attention. I have never, ever been happy with my smile, ever. Like I say, since I was reared in the South in a very poor Appalachian part of the world, and our diet was deplorable. We drank sodas, so no wonder I had cavities in my front teeth at a very early age. They put fillings in them, but the end of the fillings always had a tendency to show, and the edges were never ever quite smooth. Then the other old dentist that I was going to, like I say, it was like a painting process, a bonding process that he put on them, and that wasn’t satisfactory.

Then I got the brainy idea about these Lumineers, and then seen a little about it. I’m in the waiting room, and I thought, “Well, let me talk to Dr. Boyle, and see what that, if he thinks that would be something that would be suitable solution for me,” because I really wanted a better smile. They worked once again endlessly, took a lot of impressions over and over again. They were very exacting in wanting this done right, which also gave me confidence because they’re not cheap, and so you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money and have something put on that’s permanent, and then have it not be right. I think they did an amazing job. I just really, I love them. Pat B.

I had a problem with my left front tooth, and I don’t know if it happened from a battle with another kid, maybe in the third grade. I took a fall on the Jefferson Memorial. I might have been eight or nine at the time. I don’t know what happened to that particular tooth, but it had a discoloration to it. The doctor periodically would talk to me about it and they would keep an eye on it and look at it. Never improved and it won’t improve, but it didn’t really have a problem with the root. When this finally got to the point where Beverly and the office got hold of my dental insurance carrier and got the approval to go ahead and get a crown put on that one and on the other one to kind of keep them equal. That would be the kind of thing that you look at daily.

You don’t like the way it looked, but it really didn’t need any care other than cosmetic care. When I finally got tired of looking at it and let them improve it with the crown, it all happened fairly quickly and didn’t take long. Overall, I would not consider it painful at all in any of the work that they did. I’m a lot happier with it now than I was before, that the final outcome, I think, came out really well.William K.

I don’t have any teeth on the bottom and partly is, because I didn’t take good care of them. I was not excited about having dental implants put in, because they take a while. It’s not something that happens overnight.

Then I got an advertisement from Dr. Boyle that he sent out. I read about mini dental implants and I talked to my regular dentist, he made the comment that he felt Dr. Boyle was a very good doctor.

I made the appointment and came in and he was very informative, he told me exactly what would have to be done. I liked it, because I came in, went to sleep, and when I woke up it was all done.

It was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend it and Dr. Boyle’s office. We’re at that point where now we can put in the dental implants, the suction that goes on them. Hopefully, I’ll be able to eat without my denture moving. That was what I’m looking forward to. I haven’t been able to eat meat, because I couldn’t chew, so that’s what I’m hoping that this will do for me.

They’ve been very polite and encouraging, but like I said I would recommend Dr. Boyle’s office. They’ve been very, very kind to me. – Susan T.

For years I went to Dr. Boyle. The staff is always friendly, and will help you in any way they can. If I hadn’t have moved out of state I would still be using his office. I recommend him to anyone who asks!B.W.

I needed a dental implant on my front tooth. Dr. Boyle’s office did a fantastic job. I have no complaints whatsoever. I also have recommended Dr. Boyle as a wonderful place to have dental work done. They have also taken care of my brother’s dental issues along with his new dentures.Jim C.

I had not been to the dentist in over 10 years. I found Dr. Boyle’s office through my girlfriend. I have a great fear of the dentist because I’ve had only bad experiences before I came here. I’ve had two appointments since March of 2016. I’ve had nothing but the BEST experience so far. All the staff are very nice, personable, and professional. I would recommend Dr. Boyle to all my friends and family!!! Nicolas M.

Best dentist ever. Every time I come its always great service. Very good people here and Dr. Boyle is a wonderful and nice man. Great place to come if you need dental work done. Alec D.

The front of my mouth didn’t look just right. Lost one tooth in an accident. I had a partial that was the ugliest thing. Dr. Boyle fitted me with a front bridge that is Beautiful! I recommend Dr. Boyle to everyone. I keep saying that we should have come to Dr. Boyle sooner! Thank you, Dr. Boyle.R.B.R.

My wife and I have been coming to Dr. Boyle’s dental office since the early 90’s. For me it is trust of the doctor. I am always eager to see the staff and hygienists. Their office is always clean and the personnel are always professional. I have had plenty of chances to change dentists but would never do so. I would recommend Dr. Boyle and his staff to anyone wanting a caring group of people. Frank N.

Dr. Boyle and staff are extremely kind and caring. The entire staff made me feel comfortable during all my treatments. Highly recommend to anyone who is feeling nervous making that first step!!! Don J.

I have been going to see Dr. Boyle and his staff for many years for cleaning my teeth. I only go for teeth cleaning since I am lucky enough not to need any other treatment. The hygienists there are fantastic. They are so nice and gentle; they do a great job and I wouldn’t go to any other dental place other than Dr. Boyle’s office.Brett V.

After trying several dentists throughout the valley for the past twenty years, I am happy to report that I have finally found one that is worth keeping. Dr. Boyle is not only knowledgeable in his field, but he uses up-to-date equipment and technology, including a small intraoral camera, which is a device that lets you view images of your teeth on a TV monitor while the dentist is explaining to you what he sees. This is the first dentist office where I’ve experienced this practice, and it makes me wonder why all dentists don’t use it. As well as doing wonderful work, Dr. Boyle makes sure that all your questions and concerns are answered, without ever making you feel rushed. His manner is easy-going, but professional, putting you at ease. The facilities are clean, organized, and beautifully decorated with custom murals in each room. The hygienist is excellent, and the dental assistants and front desk personnel are pleasant, professional, and efficient. – Kim S.

Because of bad previous experiences, I am very anxious when it comes to going to the dentist. Dr. Boyle is very personable and laid back. He is also understanding. It makes me feel better about coming here for work. The dental assistants/RDA’s in his office are super sweet and efficient. The office is very organized and I never have to wait long to be seen. I don’t believe I’ve ever waited even 5 minutes. I had to find a new dentist to correct the work that another dentist had done wrong, that is what brought me here. I’m still in the process of having it finished, but they are working very hard and taking a lot of time to make sure they get things right. That is something that I, as a patient, really appreciate. I’ve had my teeth cleaned here as well and the hygienist is the best! I highly recommend this dentist office.Heidi S.

I’ve been coming here for the past 7 years and every time is such a delightful experience. They even recognize you by name! Sad that I’m leaving the AV for the next five years and I have to find a new dentist.Rachel W.

First visit with Dr. Tab A. Boyle so excited to get started on my beautiful smile!!! Thank you to staff on their kindness and understanding and Dr. Boyle for completely explaining all options and I trust I will be a lifelong patient!!!Lisa J.

There is a reason my family has been with Dr. Boyle for 20 years… he is the best.Anonymous

Dr. Boyle and staff are the best!Anonymous